Basic Job Search Tips to Help You Land Your Dream Job

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There’s so much job search advice available that you can easily find useful tips with a few seconds of Googling. However, there’s also so much information available that it can be overwhelming. To make things easier, here’s a list of timeless job searching tips that will help you fine-tune your strategy and make the process simpler.

Basic Job Search Tips to Help You Land Your Dream Job

1 – Don’t Limit Yourself to Online Applications

As tempting as it may be, don’t just apply for jobs online. Actually, don’t just apply for jobs at all, especially if you’re struggling to find ones that seem right for you.

Instead, spend some time looking through jobs in person. Check out job boards at libraries, shops, companies that you’ve always been interested in, etc. There’s a good chance you’ll find some great opportunities you would never have found online.

2 – Research Companies You Want to Work For

Even if you have no intention of applying to the company, you can still do some targeted research.

Researching the company will help you to gauge whether it’s worth applying to and, if you are going to apply, it will give you some ideas of what to include in your cover letter and resume.

3 – Use References Wisely

References can make or break the deal for positions. Be sure you’re using them wisely.

Don’t just list anyone and everyone you’ve ever worked with as a reference. Instead, make sure that you pick actually appropriate people who will say positive things about you – people who know you well and can speak to your strengths and weaknesses.

4 – Be Honest

If you’re going to lie about anything on your resume, it had better be about your greatest achievements.

If you’re not sure about something, that’s fine. Just be honest about your confusion. If the company is interested in you, they’ll likely follow up with questions you can’t answer. That’s fine. Just take the opportunity to admit you aren’t sure and that you’d like to be able to answer them in the future.

5 – If You Don’t Have a LinkedIn, You Don’t Exist

It’s amazing how many job seekers don’t have a LinkedIn account. If they do have one, they don’t have it updated. If you don’t have a LinkedIn, create one. Even if you don’t plan to actively use LinkedIn for your job search, it can still be a helpful resource for your career. If you do have a LinkedIn, look it over and make sure it’s updated.

6 – Thank the Interviewer

While you should be careful not to come across as unprofessional, it’s important to thank the interviewer for their time. Even if you don’t get the job, it’s important that you thank the person who interviewed you. After all, they were willing to take time out of their busy schedule to meet with you, and that deserves a note of thanks.

7 – A Little Extra Research Can’t Hurt

Even if you already know a lot about the subject, take a little bit of extra time to learn about the company you’re applying for.


Of course, there are many other ways you can improve your job search skills. The tips above are just a start. When looking for a job, it’s important to remember that the number one goal is to find a position that you love. If you can find that, you’re going to be happy. If you find a position that you love and are passionate about, you’ll do a good job. So, take some time to refine your job search and make sure you’re applying with the type of resume and cover letter that makes you stand out.

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Key Factors to Consider When Working with an Employment Agency for a Better Hiring Strategy

Employment Agency

If you’re like us, you might be tempted to take on hiring yourself. We get it — recruiting and hiring talent is a time-consuming job. But when you’re dealing with the thousands of applicants that can come from your social media recruiting efforts, or from job boards or traditional job sites, you’ll probably get better results if you let an expert in the space handle your hiring.

An employment agency is an expert at locating, recruiting, and staffing top talent. Employment agencies operate with a single purpose in mind: to place professionals into great jobs. Whether you need one employee or an entire team of skilled professionals, employment agencies take the time to truly understand your business needs.

Nonetheless, it’s important to consider key qualities that will ensure you’re working with the right employment agency that meets your unique needs. With that in mind, consider the list below when it’s time to narrow your prospective partners in your hiring process:

1. Be Sure the Employment Agency Understands the Nuances of Your Industry and the Type of Talents You Need

When hiring for a specific industry, or a specific type of professional, make sure that your employment agency has your professional space on their radar. 

A great employment agency not only knows how to identify top talent, they know how to deliver them to you in a way that meets your business needs. For example, if you’re hiring for a technical industry and you’re looking for a Mobile App Developer, then make sure they know the nuances of your business need. 

That could mean a developer with a specific skill set (such as Objective-C, the language used in developing Apple iOS apps), or perhaps a developer that’s worked in a specific niche (such as VR or facial recognition). 

Even better, a great employment agency will know the best places to find the talent you need, and what’s the best way to communicate with them. 

2. Be Sure to Ask the Employment Agency’s Different Modes of Communication

Without a doubt, making sure the employment agency you’re working with can communicate with you in the way you prefer is a key feature to look for in employment agencies.

Make sure to ask how the agency plans to communicate with you. For example, do they plan to speak with you only by phone, or perhaps only via email? In addition, if you prefer in-person conversations, it’s important to ask how often they will be in your office or on-site during your hiring process.

Talking with an agency in these various manners will help you ensure you have the right employment agency to choose for your hiring.

3. Be Sure the Employment Agency Shows Continuous Support Beyond the Initial Hiring Process

If you’re looking for an employment agency that will continue to support you after the initial hiring of your new talent, then you’ll want to be sure your employment agency has the process down to a science. You’ll want to know that the agency will go above and beyond for each employee who is placed with one of your projects or clients.

Ask your employment agency who will be assigned to support your new hire(s). Will that person be assigned to any other projects, or will they be dedicated to your new hire(s)?

A great employment agency can help you mount a successful onboarding process, as well as provide you with additional resources and new opportunities that could help you retain your top talent.

The Bottom Line: How an Employment Agency can Take Your Hiring Strategy to the Next Level

If you’re looking to step up your hiring strategy and bring in new talent quickly and effectively, an employment agency can make all the difference. This is especially true if you’re looking to hire in a niche industry where you don’t have the candidate base in-house.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring a single-resource or a team, or whether you’re looking for a contract-to-hire or direct hire. An employment agency can help you successfully hire the right professionals.

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How You Can Tell If You’re Nailing Your Job Interview

job interview

The anticipation of finding out whether you’re getting a job offer or not can make anyone anxious. Of course, you always want to feel like you did an excellent job on the interview, but there are days when you get nervous.

While you may never be able to tell for sure whether a recruiter has decided to hire you, there are signs that indicate whether they intend to offer you the job. Remember these signals when going on an interview, and take comfort in knowing that you might not have to wait long for a response.

1. They Tell You They Like You

I know, I know. This sounds like something your mom or grandmother might tell you as you’re getting ready to go out to a job interview. But guess what? It’s true. If a recruiter is seriously considering bringing you on board, they will be much more likely to tell you how much they like you.

If you’ve gone so far as to make a recruiter tell you they like you, that’s a good sign they want to hire you.

2. You’ve Met a Lot of Team Members

When you interview with a company, it’s important to meet at least a few members of the team to see if you’re excited about working with them. This can tell you a lot about the working environment.

If you’re meeting with a lot of people at an interview, that means there’s a good chance you could become a team member. It’s best to pay attention when you’re being introduced to members of your possible team, as they will be the people you’ll work closely with.

3. You Talked about Benefits

Often, when going to an interview, you’ll be asked questions that are job-related. The recruiter may ask you what you can do to help the company, or they might want to know your salary requirements.

However, once you and the recruiter start talking about things like the benefits package and the culture of the company, it could mean the recruiter is enthused about bringing you on board.

4. You’re Speaking Casually with Them

One of the best signs that a recruiter will want to hire you is if they’re speaking casually with you. Recruiters tend to relax more if they’re considering bringing on an applicant.

If you’re speaking casually about things like company culture or the working environment, it could mean that you’re among the serious contenders for the position.

5. They Give You the Next Steps

If a recruiter gives you the next steps on how to proceed, that’s a good sign that you’re getting an offer. Typically, you’ll get the next steps if you’ve done a great interview and the recruiter wants to have you work out a deal or meet a higher-up who could be in charge of your approval.


Going on a job interview can be intimidating, but the more you know, the better you’ll feel about it. If you’re feeling nervous, keep in mind that all of these signs can be reasonable indications that a recruiter is interested in bringing you on board. Stay hopeful, and focus on the things you can control!

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How to Ensure Your Resume Makes a Winning First Impression


Resumes are a great way to spell out information about yourself. Moreover, they give you the chance to make a good first impression as a knowledgeable and responsible person. You can also use this in order to present your skills and experience to possible employers. 

When it comes to writing a winning resume, you need to make sure that you highlight your accomplishments and unique skills and experience. With these in mind, here are some of the key elements to create a powerful resume that exudes a positive and lasting impression.

Start With an Attention-Grabbing Opening

Let’s face it, most people spend only a few seconds scanning a resume so it’s not enough to simply list your job history and major accomplishments. You need to grab the reader’s attention from the start. One effective strategy is to immediately follow your contact information with a short attention-getting “hook”. Here are a few examples:

“Mom of three, doctor by day, cancer fundraiser by night.”

“Local businessman in need of administrative assistant. Please send a resume to…”

“2nd degree black belt. Seeking a challenging position.”

“Experienced tax professional w/ Masters degree seeks challenging environment.”

If you don’t have any such statements, consider adding a short one-sentence summary of what your experience is all about, especially if it is different from the norm.

Choose a Format That Suits You

There are lots of different resume formats out there and it’s really a matter of personal preference as to which one suits you best.

Chronological resumes list your jobs in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent. This is a very common format and is easy to read and understand. It works best for individuals with a steady work history from the same employer.

Resumes with a combination of reverse chronological and functional sections list your employment history first, followed by a brief description of your skills and interests. This is another popular format for those with a steady work history, as it allows you to tell your story chronologically but also list your skills and experience.

Functional resumes focus more on your skills, abilities and achievements, rather than on your job history. This is one of the most effective resume formats if you don’t have a steady work history or if you have gaps in your employment history.

Choose The Right Words

When describing yourself, your skills, achievements, and work experiences, it is also important to use words that convey an immediate sense of what you have accomplished. Identifying the skills that potential employers are looking for is key to a winning resume. If you are in the military, for instance, you will want to highlight your duties and accomplishments, as well as your teamwork skills, leadership abilities, and specialized training.

If you are changing careers, you want to show that you have transferable skills that can be applied to the position you are applying for.

Using proper grammar and spelling is also key to a successful resume. Proofread your resume before sending it out. A resume full of grammatical and spelling errors is a sure way to land your resume directly in the trash bin.

Create a Clear and Concise Summary of Qualifications

It is also a must to include a summary section in your resume. This is because it will highlight the qualities, skills, and experience that you can bring to the table. You need to make sure that this section is written in a clear and concise manner.

Make sure that you have included a list of qualifications that are relevant to the position that you are applying for. This can be done by highlighting the most important skills and experience that you have obtained in your career and that are specific to the job you are applying for. You can also showcase these by arranging them by category.

For example, you can arrange the skills and experience in terms of the following;

  • Professional
  • Personal
  • Technical
  • Communication
  • Skills


Creating a winning resume is really a matter of personal preference. There are a lot of different ways to go about it, but the most important thing is to make sure that it reflects your experience and skills, your achievements, and personal attributes. Another thing to remember is to use keywords that are commonly used by employers. Try incorporating keywords that are specific to the position you are applying for. This will demonstrate your understanding of the job requirements and will help make your resume stand out.

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Hiring a Staffing Agency: What to Consider?

staffing agency

Regardless of your industry, the importance of having the right team of employees working for you cannot be understated. In fact, the quality of your workforce can make or break your business. One of the best ways to find quality talent for your company is through the help of a staffing agency.

You can reap a lot of benefits from partnering with a staffing agency. However, it is important to note that there are a lot of agencies out there that are not good providers of staffing services. To find the best agency to partner with, you have to thoroughly vet your potential partner.

When choosing a staffing agency as your new partner, consider these aspects:

1. Industry Experience

Ideally, your staffing agency should have years of industry experience. It is much easier for a staffing agency to understand your staffing needs if it is familiar with your industry. It’s also easier for them to find the right people for the job if they know your industry well.

2. Expertise and Leadership

A staffing agency that is reputable and provides quality staffing services will have a strong team of expert recruiters and leadership. Such agencies have proven to be effective in providing quality talent to businesses. They also know how to effectively grow their own business and their client’s businesses. Having effective and passionate leaders at the helm of a staffing agency will definitely benefit your business.

3. Reputation

In any industry, reputation is everything. Without a good reputation, no business will ever succeed in the long run. That’s why your staffing agency should be well-known industry-wide. It should also have a strong, positive reputation in your industry. You should ask around, do some research, check online and ask around before deciding to do business with a certain agency.

4. Staffing vs. Workforce Management

It may be tempting to partner with a staffing agency that also provides workforce management (WFM) services. Although partnering with a one-stop-shop may seem convenient and beneficial, it can actually backfire. WFM services involve both the intake and the maintenance of staff, which means that your staffing agency will be in charge of hiring, training, mentoring, and ensuring that your employees are productive enough to be retained and eventually promoted.

However, a good staffing agency will also employ the services of a separate WFM provider. It will focus mainly on the recruitment and placement of the right employees, while the WFM agency will be in charge of training and development. This way, your staffing agency can provide you with a dedicated team of employees while leaving the day-to-day operations, training, and development to the WFM team.

5. Innovation

Innovation is one of the most important aspects of business success. It is crucial that your staffing agency is willing to engage with you and understand your business needs. You may have to partner with a new agency to provide you with new and innovative staff solutions that can help you grow your business.


As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider before choosing a staffing agency as your new business partner. It is important to take your time and carefully evaluate your options before making a decision. The right staffing agency will help you grow your business in the right direction. It will provide you with high-quality talent, your brand can benefit from the agency’s expertise, and you will increase your chances of getting the best results.

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