4 Positive Signs a Job Offer Will Be Waiting for You

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It can often be difficult to tell whether you aced the job interview or not. You may have felt good about it, but the hiring manager may not have seen it that way. And waiting for an answer after a job interview can be quite an anxiety-filled time. So, how do you know exactly if a job offer is waiting for you or if you need to continue the job hunt?

1. Positive Body Language from the Interviewer

If the interviewer was engaged with you and gave you positive body language, such as leaning forward, smiling, and making eye contact, it means that you’re probably in the running for the job offer. You can often tell whether or not you’re the one they want to hire by their body language.

When you’re in the interview, and the hiring manager is making good eye contact with you, actively listening, and asking questions that relate to your skills, they’re showing they’re interested in you. They’re not just politely asking you questions to fill time, but they’re also trying to get to know you, and they like what they see. That’s a good sign that they’re interested in hiring you.

2. Positive Signs Through Their Questions

When a hiring manager asks you a lot of questions about your skills, what you want to achieve at the company with their organization, and their culture, this is usually a good sign that they’re interested in you.

They’ll ask more questions about how you feel about certain aspects of the company, what your goals are, what you expect to be doing in the next year, and how you plan on contributing to their organization. These are all questions that tell t you that they’re interested in you.

3. You Are Introduced to the Team or Your Potential Supervisor

If you’re introduced to the team or your potential supervisor, then this is a sign that they like you and are interested in hiring you.

This is hugely important, as you want to feel comfortable with the people you’ll be working with for the next several years. By being introduced to the team or your potential supervisor, it means that you’re already a part of their team, and you’re getting a chance to meet the people you’re going to be working with.

4. They Ask About Your Availability

When you’re asked what your availability is, this shows that they want to hire you.

The hiring manager will ask you about your availability, whether you have other offers, what days you’re free when you can start, and more. This shows they want to hire you, and they want to take you on so that they’ll accommodate your schedule, if necessary.

Final Thoughts

It can be very hard to tell whether or not you aced the interview. Even if you’re still waiting for a response and it’s making you feel anxious, remember, it’s out of your control. The hiring manager may still be gathering a lot of information on the other applicants, and they may be reviewing your performance. But if you see the above signs, you can rest a bit more easily as it shows your chances of getting an offer are high.

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