The Basics of Temp-to-Hire Workers and Their Given Benefits

employer interviewing job applicants

Basically, temp to hire is a contractual agreement where a company temporarily hires a worker. This is usually done via a staffing agency and offers the employee the option to acquire a permanent position once the temporary period is up.

The length of the contract may vary, but they commonly last around three to six months. This enables the hiring company to analyze the workers’ skills and work ethic.

The main difference between temp-to-hire employment and an employee probationary period is how long workers are on the company payroll. With temp to hire, workers aren’t on the payroll until they’re hired for a full-time gig, while in an employee probationary period, they’re paid by the company right away.

What Are the Benefits of Investing in Temp to Hire Workers?

1. They Allow the Company to Know the Employee More Thoroughly

As mentioned above, temp-to-hire workers help companies analyze a candidate’s skills, attitude, and work ethic. The hiring company may still want to give the employee a test and interview, but once the temp contract is up, they can choose to hire the employee for a long-term job if they’re happy with their performance. The hiring company will be able to see the worker’s work ethic and how well they get along with the work team.

2. They Help Reduce Turnover and Training Costs

This type of contract is a win-win for both parties. The employer only pays the worker during the temporary period, and the temp is financially responsible for other costs, such as travel and equipment. Many companies are interested in hiring workers who want to stay with them long-term, and this can help them find the right fit for their business.

Tack on the fact that temp-to-hire workers can reduce training costs and help reduce turnover, and you can see why it’s a great option for both parties.

3. They Help Keep Your Business Reputation in Check

Employers only want to hire the best and brightest workers out there, and they want to ensure they are exclusively keeping their best by hiring them full-time. This can help shed a more positive light on your business, as you’re more likely to maintain the same workers rather than letting them go at the end of their temporary contract. This can help you reduce turnover rates, which can help you save money.

4. They Help You Find the Best Workers for Your Company

Not everyone is a good fit for your company, but temp-to-hire workers allow you to try them out before you commit to hiring them long-term. This can help you find the best possible person for the job and keep them busy and productive. Thoroughly checking them out beforehand via a temp contract can help you save money and help you find the right fit for your company.

5. They Help Your Company’s Bottom Line

Reducing turnover and training expenses will positively impact your company’s bottom line, which means more money in your bank. Throwing an extra couple hundred bucks on your company’s bottom line is a great way to help your business in the long term.


Overall, temp-to-hire workers can be a great option for companies that want to evaluate their employees on a trial basis before offering them a full-time job. This helps protect your company’s reputation, as well as your employees to whom you’re fully committed to.

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