Busting 5 Myths about Staffing Agencies


Staffing agencies are known to be helpful in accomplishing the time-consuming, laborious, and resource-intensive task of recruiting easier for businesses. Meanwhile, some companies may still have incorrect perceptions of staffing firms and continue their own hiring programs. Today, we’ll bust and disprove the five myths surrounding staffing agencies.

MYTH #1: Staffing Firms Have High Operating Costs

The majority of businesses wonder why they would hire a staffing agency and pay additional fees when they can handle everything internally. If you do the math, you’ll discover that involving a third party in the process results in a lower overall cost.

The process of hiring new employees is both time-consuming and costly. If you handle finance charges, payroll, taxes, and benefits on your own, your costs will be higher than if you outsourced these responsibilities to a staffing agency.

MYTH #2: A Staffing Agency Can’t Provide Your Needs

Because your HR team is in-house, it is safe to assume that they are familiar with your company’s requirements as well as the characteristics of candidates who will be a good fit. Even if this is true, it does not imply that staffing firms are uninformed about the business world or their respective industries.

Various companies may be able to fill open positions with qualified candidates provided by staffing agencies. Because of their knowledge and skills, they are able to find exceptionally talented professionals.

MYTH #3: Staffing Agencies Don’t Hire for Long-Term Employment

Staffing agencies are well-known for providing temporary workers. Despite being the most competitive market, they offer a wide variety of services. Staffing firms can locate independent sales representatives, temporary sales representatives, full-time sales representatives, and part-time sales representatives.

MYTH #4: Staffing Firms Just Prolong the Job Search

Many businesses believe that using a staffing agency will make the hiring process take longer. That is not the case. Think about the following. The hiring process is only one facet of the HR department’s duties. In addition, they are in charge of things like payroll and benefits, tax assessments, and so on.

A staffing office’s managerial responsibilities are relatively minor. They find and communicate with qualified candidates. Because they are not overburdened, they can concentrate on your recruitment efforts without being distracted by other tasks.

MYTH #5: You do not need the services of a staffing agency if your company has its own human resources department.

Many businesses believe that staffing agencies are best suited for privately held businesses or startups without HR departments. Even if you already have an HR department, the growth of your company may necessitate the use of a staffing agency.

There may be a delay because your HR department is responsible for other duties in addition to recruiting. Using a staffing office can help the Human Resources department find new talent faster.


With all of that being said, a staffing firm can, indeed, help you save time, money, and resources. You might consider using a staffing agency to find exceptional talent now that some of the myths about them have been dispelled. If you need help filling the positions that are currently open, contact an experienced recruitment team.

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