10 Tips to Advance in Your Career and Know Your Worth at Work


People often equate being financially successful with greater happiness, but it’s important to remember that you are paid fairly for your work. 

It can be challenging to make your employer recognize the value of your contributions to the workplace, so this article offers some tips to prove your worth and ensure you’re getting the compensation you deserve.

Here are ten tips to advance in your career and know your worth at work:

1. Keep a Positive Attitude

Your attitude is key in determining your value to any company. While your ability to complete the assigned tasks is essential, a positive attitude and respectful demeanor can also help you climb the ladder.

2. Work Hard and Consistently

Another factor in determining your value is your work ethic. If you consistently complete your work and remember to follow through with any instructions, you will show your supervisor that you’re a trustworthy and reliable resource.

3. Offer New Ideas

Another important factor in earning recognition for your hard work is recognizing how you can better work with your coworkers and supervisors. Noticing a way to improve the workplace can lead to raises or even a promotion to a higher-paying job.

4. Ask Questions When You Don’t Understand

It’s critical to be able to identify workplace errors but also to listen to comments from superiors. This means you need to know when to ask for clarification about an assignment and when to speak up if you disagree with a direction.

5. Become a Leader

An effective way to prove your worth to your employer is by offering suggestions for getting more work done in the same amount of time. This allows you to prove you have an expansive knowledge of your position, but it shows your supervisor that you can lead the team to get more work done.

6. Give Credit to Others

If you’re constantly taking credit for your coworker’s accomplishments, it may not seem like a big deal, but it can have a long-term impact on your career advancement. Plus, if you’re not willing to give credit where it’s due, why should your employer trust you in the first place?

7. Communicate Effectively

There’s a reason that the saying “it’s important to speak your mind” exists. It’s important to communicate whether you think a certain project is unproductive, you have a problem working with a teammate, or you are having a monetary issue. You may be amazed at how a simple chat can settle a situation.

8. Establish and Plan Your Career Path with Your Boss

It’s helpful to identify your career path when you first join a new organization. Knowing what is expected of you in your current capacity allows you to ask about expectations as you progress.

Set up a performance meeting with your boss and tell them you’d like to be considered for a promotion, even if it’s in a different department. Find out how to obtain a raise and make yourself the greatest prospect for a higher position in the future, or ask your manager for specific requirements and how you can go above and beyond.

During this time, you can also ask for feedback on how you’re doing at your job and what you can do to improve. 

9. Don’t Shy Away From Asking For a Raise

It’s one of the most uncomfortable conversations with your boss, but it’s also vital to understand your worth. You should be comfortable advocating for yourself, whether you’re asking to be considered for a promotion or requesting a pay raise.

10. Take Your Career Skills Up a Notch

No one will give you credit for a skill that you don’t have. So, to advance in your career and know your worth in the workplace, you need to level up on your current skill set. Take some professional development courses or attend workshops to hone your skills and become a valued team member.


It may be time to cut your losses if you realize you’re not getting promoted at work despite your effort. Know your worth and take your value elsewhere. Not feeling valued is one of the biggest signs you’re ready to quit your job.

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