How to dress for an interview

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We know that we live in a superficial world, and first impressions matter, even more so in a professional setting. The way you dress has the potential to make or break your chances of securing a job. Therefore, it pays to go the extra mile and dress the part!

Just the thought of giving interviews for jobs can be nerve-wracking. Numerous factors go into determining whether you get the job or not. Things like your confidence, your attitude, your portfolio, etc. One often overlooked detail is how your dress for the interview. Many people make the big mistake of either not putting enough effort into their outfits or being unaware of what to wear.

Here are some tips that both men and women can follow while dressing up for interviews:

  • Wear a neat, clean, and ironed outfit.
  • Properly comb and style your hair and make sure your fingernails are clean. 
  • Opt for moderate, minimalistic, and simple accessories; do not overdo it with prominent, flashy ones.
  • Wear comfortable, polished, and good quality shoes
  • Prepare your outfit ahead of time, so you are not left looking for things to wear at the last minute.
  • Shower on the day of the interview and make sure your breath smells good.

To some people, your hygiene may sometimes say more about you than your portfolio.

Interview Attire for Women

The choice of clothes often depends upon the company and position that you are applying for. The following suggestions are general guidelines:


  1. Clothes: A dark-colored suit and pants is a universally acceptable choice for interviews. Pair it with an appropriate white blouse. If you wear a skirt, it should end right above the knee. It’s not advisable to wear bright and prominent colors and patterns.
  2. Hair: Keep it simple…like a low ponytail or braid. Using bright and colorful hair ties and clips is not recommended
  3. Makeup: Wear simple light makeup, nothing too heavy, and if you choose to wear perfume, be sure that it’s not overpowering. If you wear nail polish, go for neutral tones.
  4. Shoes: Wear simple conservative shoes. Low heels or pumps are a good choice. 
  5. Accessories: Try to go for light and minimalistic jewelry. Avoid big, dangly earrings and flashy bracelets covering your arms. If you carry a purse with you, be sure that it is small to medium in size. You may choose to carry a portfolio or small briefcase with you if necessary.

Interview Attire for Men

The choice of clothes often depends upon the company and position that you are applying for. The following suggestions are general guidelines:


  1. Clothes: A comfortable fitting suit with a matching jacket, pants, and dress shirt is the go-to traditional attire for interviews. The suit should be in a dark solid color, nothing that stands out. Matching socks are another recommended add-on.

  2. Hair: Keep it simple, neat, and tidy.

  3. Shoes: Comfortable loafers or dress shoes are always a good idea that looks good and professional.

  4. Accessories: A fashionable yet simple watch paired with a nice leather belt should do the trick for you! Moreover, your tie should match your suit. You might need to carry a briefcase or portfolio with you too if needed.