How to find the perfect job.

Business man and woman with Staff

Today’s world is running very fast. To keep up, increasing your income and resources have become a necessity for everyone. Therefore, many people often throw themselves into any job or career opportunity they can find, either out of excitement or to meet their financial needs. Which eventually leads them to exhaustion and no results. A better approach may be to spend the extra time searching for the perfect opportunity. Getting a job sometimes isn’t the problem; finding one that interests you is!


It is obvious for everyone to want to do a job they enjoy. Despite years of experience and/or education, some people still choose career path based on the path of least resistance instead of something they can have pride in. There are numerous reasons for this.

  • Choosing the trial-and-error method
  • fear of shifting to another job.
  • lack of self-confidence
  • Lack of knowledge about career possibilities.

If you want to avoid the pitfalls and enjoy what you do, you must target a job that resonates with your talent.

Don’t worry, we have a whole set of tips that can assist you in making bold career choices.


Ask yourself the following questions to help find the career you wished for:

What do you enjoy doing for work?

Spend time to make a list of how you typically spend your leisure time. 

Make a list of:


This may help you discover a work interest that you may not have realized before. The list could be anything from reading, writing, sketching, watching the news, to gardening, outdoor activities…etc. 

This list isn’t meant to focus on salary, investment, time, or anything. It’s merely a list to help discover your dream job. 

What are your talents?

Everyone has a talent or something special that they can do. Most of us don’t give it the consideration it deserves, thus wasting more than half of our lives with everything we need in our hands. That’s unfair!

Think about it. What do people love about you? Are you a good cook? Can you motivate people with your words? Do you offer the best advice?

Pinpoint your skillset.

Which skillset would you like to offer?

In your resume, the skills you mention present a reflection of your professional choices. Expand your thoughts beyond the paycheck and write what pleases your brain and soul. It will help you to do extra work with less or no mental stress at all.

What else do you want?

Which field interests you?

Find the industry that has fascinated you the most throughout your academic career. See-through it, look out for its branches, set meetings with people working in that field, talk with them, know the growth areas and work type.

Interview jobs, rather than being interviewed?

When possible, don’t let your paycheck dictate you. It can be detrimental to your career. Try to align the responsibilities with your skills. Try to never compromise your professional integrity for the sake of a few more bucks. You would regret it later.


Long story short, Patience, research, confidence, and self-awareness are the key factors that could change the whole game for you. Everything lies inside you. You need to discover it in time. So you’d either find a perfect job or develop one for yourself. Everything is in your hand. Don’t just rush, act wisely!