How You Can Tell If You’re Nailing Your Job Interview

job interview

The anticipation of finding out whether you’re getting a job offer or not can make anyone anxious. Of course, you always want to feel like you did an excellent job on the interview, but there are days when you get nervous.

While you may never be able to tell for sure whether a recruiter has decided to hire you, there are signs that indicate whether they intend to offer you the job. Remember these signals when going on an interview, and take comfort in knowing that you might not have to wait long for a response.

1. They Tell You They Like You

I know, I know. This sounds like something your mom or grandmother might tell you as you’re getting ready to go out to a job interview. But guess what? It’s true. If a recruiter is seriously considering bringing you on board, they will be much more likely to tell you how much they like you.

If you’ve gone so far as to make a recruiter tell you they like you, that’s a good sign they want to hire you.

2. You’ve Met a Lot of Team Members

When you interview with a company, it’s important to meet at least a few members of the team to see if you’re excited about working with them. This can tell you a lot about the working environment.

If you’re meeting with a lot of people at an interview, that means there’s a good chance you could become a team member. It’s best to pay attention when you’re being introduced to members of your possible team, as they will be the people you’ll work closely with.

3. You Talked about Benefits

Often, when going to an interview, you’ll be asked questions that are job-related. The recruiter may ask you what you can do to help the company, or they might want to know your salary requirements.

However, once you and the recruiter start talking about things like the benefits package and the culture of the company, it could mean the recruiter is enthused about bringing you on board.

4. You’re Speaking Casually with Them

One of the best signs that a recruiter will want to hire you is if they’re speaking casually with you. Recruiters tend to relax more if they’re considering bringing on an applicant.

If you’re speaking casually about things like company culture or the working environment, it could mean that you’re among the serious contenders for the position.

5. They Give You the Next Steps

If a recruiter gives you the next steps on how to proceed, that’s a good sign that you’re getting an offer. Typically, you’ll get the next steps if you’ve done a great interview and the recruiter wants to have you work out a deal or meet a higher-up who could be in charge of your approval.


Going on a job interview can be intimidating, but the more you know, the better you’ll feel about it. If you’re feeling nervous, keep in mind that all of these signs can be reasonable indications that a recruiter is interested in bringing you on board. Stay hopeful, and focus on the things you can control!

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