Key Factors to Consider When Working with an Employment Agency for a Better Hiring Strategy

Employment Agency

If you’re like us, you might be tempted to take on hiring yourself. We get it — recruiting and hiring talent is a time-consuming job. But when you’re dealing with the thousands of applicants that can come from your social media recruiting efforts, or from job boards or traditional job sites, you’ll probably get better results if you let an expert in the space handle your hiring.

An employment agency is an expert at locating, recruiting, and staffing top talent. Employment agencies operate with a single purpose in mind: to place professionals into great jobs. Whether you need one employee or an entire team of skilled professionals, employment agencies take the time to truly understand your business needs.

Nonetheless, it’s important to consider key qualities that will ensure you’re working with the right employment agency that meets your unique needs. With that in mind, consider the list below when it’s time to narrow your prospective partners in your hiring process:

1. Be Sure the Employment Agency Understands the Nuances of Your Industry and the Type of Talents You Need

When hiring for a specific industry, or a specific type of professional, make sure that your employment agency has your professional space on their radar. 

A great employment agency not only knows how to identify top talent, they know how to deliver them to you in a way that meets your business needs. For example, if you’re hiring for a technical industry and you’re looking for a Mobile App Developer, then make sure they know the nuances of your business need. 

That could mean a developer with a specific skill set (such as Objective-C, the language used in developing Apple iOS apps), or perhaps a developer that’s worked in a specific niche (such as VR or facial recognition). 

Even better, a great employment agency will know the best places to find the talent you need, and what’s the best way to communicate with them. 

2. Be Sure to Ask the Employment Agency’s Different Modes of Communication

Without a doubt, making sure the employment agency you’re working with can communicate with you in the way you prefer is a key feature to look for in employment agencies.

Make sure to ask how the agency plans to communicate with you. For example, do they plan to speak with you only by phone, or perhaps only via email? In addition, if you prefer in-person conversations, it’s important to ask how often they will be in your office or on-site during your hiring process.

Talking with an agency in these various manners will help you ensure you have the right employment agency to choose for your hiring.

3. Be Sure the Employment Agency Shows Continuous Support Beyond the Initial Hiring Process

If you’re looking for an employment agency that will continue to support you after the initial hiring of your new talent, then you’ll want to be sure your employment agency has the process down to a science. You’ll want to know that the agency will go above and beyond for each employee who is placed with one of your projects or clients.

Ask your employment agency who will be assigned to support your new hire(s). Will that person be assigned to any other projects, or will they be dedicated to your new hire(s)?

A great employment agency can help you mount a successful onboarding process, as well as provide you with additional resources and new opportunities that could help you retain your top talent.

The Bottom Line: How an Employment Agency can Take Your Hiring Strategy to the Next Level

If you’re looking to step up your hiring strategy and bring in new talent quickly and effectively, an employment agency can make all the difference. This is especially true if you’re looking to hire in a niche industry where you don’t have the candidate base in-house.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring a single-resource or a team, or whether you’re looking for a contract-to-hire or direct hire. An employment agency can help you successfully hire the right professionals.

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