How to Get a Full-Time Position after Your Internship

interns discussing and working

Internships are a great opportunity for college students to gain experience working in the real world. But at some point, your internship will end. And if you’re lucky, the company you’ve been interning for may offer you a full-time position upon graduation. However, it doesn’t always happen. So, you have to really impress your bosses to turn that internship into a full-time job.

Produce Quality Work as an Intern

It’s important to show your employer that you can be counted on to do good work. This holds true regardless of whether or not you’re an intern. So make sure you do your best and always go the extra mile to complete your assignments.

But if you want to get a full-time position at the company after your internship, you need to outdo yourself. You need to over-deliver. You need to be known as the intern who couldn’t be ignored. So, every day you should try to go above and beyond your job description.

In your search for a full-time position, you could be competing with other interns or graduates. So, make sure you have a great resume. And whether or not you have the experience, you should be able to communicate your skills and the value you can add to the team.

When you know you’re the best candidate for the job, you still may not get the job. So it’s important to get references and make sure you work with your boss to build a relationship. This will make it so that when it comes time for a full-time position to open up, your name will be the first one your boss thinks of.

Pitch Yourself as a Full-Time Employee

When you’re ready to leave the internship and move on to the next step, make sure you have a resume that showcases everything you’ve done during your internship. And when you’re done with your internship, make sure you have a meeting with your boss to talk about the future. Don’t just show up to work one day and announce you’re leaving. You should let your boss know you’re looking for another position at the company. And also, make them aware that you’d love to work for the company on a full-time basis.

It’s your job to make it clear to your boss that you want to work for the company. And if you’re very confident in your ability to do the job and you’re great at your job, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to get a full-time position at your company.

Keep in Touch

If you don’t get a full-time offer from your company, don’t give up hope. Keep in touch with your boss, and don’t move on to another company until your company has said no.

If you’re networking with other people in the company, you may want to talk to other workers about your interests in working for the company and see if there are full-time positions available.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re turned down. You can use the experience as a way to build your resume and your network. So continue to work hard, keep your resume up to date, and keep searching for another position.

Before you know it, you’ll be working full-time for your company.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you’re looking for a full-time position after your internship, it’s important to consider the whole package. It’s not just your work experience that’s getting you an interview. It’s also your personality. You do have a lot of power in the process. So, you have to have a positive attitude, you have to have good interview skills, and you have to be able to communicate your skills and your value in the workplace.

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