Tips for a great Resume’

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The resume is a very important tool to get you the job. The two pages of a resume contain all your life accomplishments, the skills you have, the education you acquired, and the job experiences you had in your whole life. Therefore, it is very important to display all these things in an organized way.

You need to write an impeccable resume that reflects all your accomplishments, awards, and education. It should be easy to read, understand, and shouldn’t have any irrelevant stuff. The more relevant and concise your resume, the more effective it will be to get the job.

Here are some tips to write a great resume

Use A Nice Template

Search for and using a nice, simple template to write your resume helps to save time and focus on your goals and accomplishments. A template helps you add all your information in a structured way, making your resume highly readable and look professional.

Use a Basic Font

Instead of adding complex fonts to your resume, stick to a basic font. Resumes written in a basic font will be easy to read for both hiring managers and automated application management systems.

Put the most important accomplishments on top

Prioritizing the content is the key to make your resume more effective. Put the most important and relevant information on the top. Your skills, and experience that you think are more relevant to the job you are applying for should be on top of your resume.

Include the same keywords as in the job description

Try to put the same keywords in your resume that were written in the job description. When the hiring manager reads your resume, he will find it more relevant. This will increase the chances of getting selected for an interview.

Optimize your resume

Optimize your resume to make it eye-catching. You can use different tricks to make it look attractive such as:

  • Use color highlights to make the important details of your resume. But be sure to use subtle colors to keep your resume looking professional and not “busy”.

  • Be sure that you use a mixture of complex and simple language. This way it will be more readable by the hiring manager and/or automated bot to increase your chances for a call. 

  • Keep your resume very concise, under two pages. Both bots and humans prefer reading concise material. Add all your pertinent skills and experiences.

  • Use numbers and bullets for adding large pieces of information to make it readable.

Proofread and Edit

Lastly, you need to carefully proofread your whole resume. Make sure there are no grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. The spelling and grammar mistakes can make all your efforts to create an effective resume in vain. It can subliminally impart a bad impression on the hiring manager. 

Final Words

By following these tips and strategies, you can easily create an effective resume that will help you get the job. Here are examples of great resumes for many industries. Take a moment to go through these examples to understand what a professional and well-format resume looks like.